If you’re new to debate, the University of Alberta Debate Society (UADS) may not be exactly what you expect from a debate society. Make no mistake, we still argue late into the night, compete on a worldwide stage, and get genuinely excited to watch the Canadian leaders’ debates. But we’re also just a community of students like you who are looking to have some fun, with a shared passion for critical thought. Whether you see yourself representing the U of A at the World Championships, or you’re just looking for a good conversationalist on a Wednesday night, we’d love to have you with us.

If you are a high school student or coach, have no fear, UADS has an outreach program that assists the expansion of the high school debate circuit. Please visit our outreach page for more information : http://www.uofadebate.wordpress.com/high-school-outreach.

Contact Us

Can’t make it out to our meetings? Wanna know a little more about us before you set aside a Wednesday night? Just looking for a pen pal and figured the debate club e-mail administrator would be a good chat? Shoot us a message at debate@ualberta.ca and we’ll get back to you startlingly quick.


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