U of A Sweeps Fall Open

I would like to commend all the debaters that attended Fall Open. The U of A did remarkably well.

The U of A had 3 teams in the top 10: Sharon Ohayon and Michael Janz (tied for 8th) and Mathew Johnson and Peter Buijis, and Alim Merali and Julia Lisztwan who broke to quarters. Mathew and Peter, and Alim and Julia won their quarter and semi-final rounds, defeated the reigning national champions, and advanced to the final round, where Alim and Julia defeated Mat and Peter’s case about civil liberties being sacrificed for security.

As well, the UADS had some exceptionally strong speakers, Sharon Ohayon tied for third overall speaker and Chris Jones had the highest speaker score average for any novice debater in the tournament.

The UADS’s success continued to Public speech, where four UADS speakers made it to the finals: James Knull, Greg Fingas, Michael Janz, and Sharon Ohayon. James Knull was the second place public speaker.

Congratulations to everyone!

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