2005 National Debate Championships Organizing Committee

As many of you know, the UADS is planning an Alberta bid for the 2005 Canadian National University Championships. At the moment, Sharon, Arthur, and James will comprise the Bid Committee and will be spending the next few months toiling over the U of A bid, which we will present at McGill Nats on March 20th, 2004.

Many of you have been asking whether or not U of A debaters will be allowed to participate in an Alberta hosted Nats. The short answer is no, for a slew of reasons (namely the need for people to help run the tournament, precedent set at previous Nationals, etc.) Ideally, we would like to see all UADS members involved in running the tournament to the greatest possible extent.

That said, at this point we would like to invite all UADS members to apply for Portfolio Manager positions on the 2005 Nationals Organizing Commitee (OrgCom). Anyone who will be at the U of A next spring is urged to apply. There are four positions, representing four portfolios:

– Fundraising Portfolio Manager

Responsible for fundraising (duh). This includes financial support from the University, corporate sponsorship, government support etc.

– Social Portfolio Manager

Responsibilities include Thursday night pre-activity, Friday night social, Saturday night banquet, Sunday night post-activity, guest speaker arrangement, etc.

– Logisitcs Portfolio Manager

Ahh logistics…from booking the rooms to getting the ballots from the rounds to the tab room, and everything in between.

– Tabulations Portfolio Manager

Love Excel? Responsibilities include running a flawless tab, preparing the ballots to be sent home with the debaters, etc.

The applications will be submitted as follows:

– All applications are due by November 14th (this, unlike some debate deadlines, will not be extended. It is vital that applications be in by this day)

– The applications will be in ‘open’ format. This means that you submit whatever you think is relevant to the position you are applying for. It could be some paragraphs. It could be your resume. It could be a poem or short story. It is up to you what you choose to submit. Convince us on your own terms.

– Subit all applications to debate@ualberta.ca

– Successful applicants will be selected by the Bid Commitee.

– All successful and unsuccessful candidates will be notified by November 17th.

The Nats OrgCom will be struck immediately after a successful bid (so, like, March 21st or something). However, applicants should be prepared to commit time (probably no more than an hour or two a week) up to the bid date to help in the bid preparations (mostly to attend meetings, though other help may be needed). After a successful bid, Portfolio Managers take on responsability for their respective portfolios, and will be expected at bi-weekly OrgCom meetings. In short, this is a time and energy commitment, but a worthwhile one in my opinion.

Also, in September, each Portfolio Manager will be appointing one or more commitee members to assist them in fufilling their duties.

For those of you interested in helping out but not wanting such a high degree of responsability, don’t fret! We are going to need huge ammounts of help to pull this thing off. We shan’t be turning away volunteers!

That should do it. Be sure to address any questions you have to debate@ualberta.ca. And remember, submit your applications to debate@ualberta.ca

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