Hugill Results

As many of you know, the UADS hosted the 67th annual John Hugill Debate Tournament this past weekend. The tournament was well attended, attracting teams from across Western Canada and even the United States. Under the stellar direction of Dawn Buchan, the tournament was a great success.

The U of A did very well, and there are many accomplishments worthy of mention.

First, congratulations to James Crossman and Arthur Tse, who won the tournament.

As well, the U of A’s own Steph Wanke was both the top speaker in the tournament and a finalist.

Congratulations as well to the teams of Kyle Kawanami and Roman Kotovych, Mat Johnson and Debra Ohayon, and Garrett Finnegan and Nick Tam who all advanced to the semi-final.

The top novice also hailed from the U of A, congratulations to Jung-Suk Ryu.

The UADS also had a bit of success with public speech, breaking three people to the final: Steph Wanke, Garrett Finnegan, and Ann Behennah.

For full results check out the results section

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