Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back to another exciting semester. I hope that everyone had a pleasant winter holiday and is enjoying the new year. Just a couple of quick debate related announcements:

1) FIRST GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday January 14

The first meeting of the new year will take place on Wednesday January 14 in HC 2-11 at 5pm. The first Thursday meeting will be on the 15th in HC 2-11 at 5pm. There will be weekly meetings on both Wednesday and Thursday unless announced otherwise.

2) CLUBS FAIR – Jan 12-15

The UADS will be setting up a table in Clubs Fair in SUB next week, and we need debaters to volunteer to sit at the table. If you are available to sit at the table, please contact Julia Lisztwan.

3) DIEFENBAKER – Jan 16-18

The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon is hosting their annual Diefenbaker tournament in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in attending as a debater or a judge, please contact Clarissa Pearce by the end of the week. If you need a partner, let her know and she’ll try and arrange something. (for more information, check out the invitation.)


As many of you know, the UADS sent 4 teams and 6 judges to participate in the Worlds University Debating Championships this year. Congratulations to the four teams of James Crossman and Arthur Tse, Mat Johnson and Greg Fingas, Roman Kotovych and Kyle Kawanami, and Sharon Ohayon and Chris Samuel; all four teams debated well. Congratulations to James Crossman, who was the top debater from the U of A finishing 172nd in a field of 608 debaters.

As well, our adjudicators had great success; Barrie Tanner had the honour of judging all of the out rounds (Octos, quarters, semis, and the grand final) and was the top Canadian adjudicator. As well, Paige Smith was a break round judges, judging octos and quaters, and the ESL final.

Finally, congratulations to Sharon Ohayon who captured the title of 3rd place Public Speaker at the World Championships.

5) MCGOUN – Feb 13-15

The U of A has the priviledge of hosting the 80th Western Canadian Championships known as the McGoun Cup. If you are interested in debating in the tournament, judging, or assisting with the running of the tournament, please contact Sharon Ohayon. For complete details check out the invitation.


This year the U of A will be running the High School Provincial Championships for the first time ever. The tournament will be attracting the best high school teams from across the province in 5 different catagories. We are expecting a huge number of teams and we need judges and people interested in helping with the tournament. If you are interested, please contact either Sharon Ohayon or Arthur Tse.


There are plenty of judging and volunteer opportunities for people, including the aforementioned McGoun Cup and High School Provincials. If you would like further information about judging or volunteer opportunities, or if you would like to be notified when we need judges, please email Sharon.

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