2004 CUSID National Debating Championships

The 2004 Canadian Universities Society for Intercollegiate Debate National Championships will be held at McGill University in Montreal March 19-21. The tournament will include 6 rounds of parliamentary debate and a public speaking competition. The debates will be in standard Central Canadian Parliamentary style. Registration is $250 per team and $125 per judge; this covers accommodations and entertainment for Friday and Saturday night, and meals on Saturday and Sunday, including a formal banquet on Saturday night.

The UADS will be represented six teams of debaters, one of which will be a novice team; we can also send as many judges as we like. Only those club members who are currently taking U of A classes as part of a degree program are eligible to debate at Nationals, however, anyone can judge. In the event that more than 6 teams wish to attend, selection will be based on team point totals (as per the UADS Selection System) as of January 5, 2004. Those selected to attend will be expected to participate in fundraising but must also be prepared to pay their full registration and transportation costs, should these efforts be unsuccessful. Judges will be subsidized at 1.5 times the debater rate should funds be raised.

Application forms are available here.

Applications must be submitted to Sharon Ohayon, or Box 147 SUB by Friday, January 30, 2004 at 6 PM

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