The U of A sent two and a half teams to compete at the U of S’s Diefenbaker Cup. Congratulations to Alex Easton, who teamed up with Erin Weir from Calgary to win the tournament. Alex was also a finalist in the Public Speech competition.


General meetings take place every Wednesday and Thursday at 5pm in HC 2-11. Meetings consist of a practice round, in which one can debate, judge, or just watch. It’s lots of fun, you should all come!


This year the U of A is hosting the Western Canadian Debate Championships February 13-15. It’s a great opportunity to participate in a fun, high-calibre, competitive debate tournament with teams from all across Western Canada. If any one is interested in debating you should let me know as soon as possible. We are also desparately in need of judges, so if you’re available on the Friday evening or Saturday, please let me know. For more details check out: http://community.cusid.ca/viewtopic.php?t=1949


The UADS is planning on sending 6 teams and a number of judges to this year’s National Championships in Montreal (March 19-21). If you are interested, I highly encourage you to apply; application forms are available on our website (www.ualberta.ca/`debate). Applications are due January 31 by 6pm.


If you’re interested in attending a debate tournament in Western Canada, consider UBC’s Pac Cup. For more information go here. If you’re interested in attending and need a partner or want to register, email Clarissa at clarissa_pearce@yahoo.com Keep in mind that their team cap is filling up quickly.

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