In-house tournament results:

Congratulations to Stephanie Wanke and Nick Tam who successfully opposed TJ Adhihetty and Clarissa Pearce‘s motion to legalize torture in the ticking timebomb scenario at the in house tournament. It was an excellent debate, and all the audience enjoyed it.

Practices and Meetings:

-As always there are going to be debate meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at 5pm in HC 2-11.

-For people planning on going to Nationals, Thursday meetings are an excellent time to practice.


For those of you who are still a bit new to debate, and want to have a bit of a workshop about the specifics of it, there will be an informal workshop at the beginning of next Wednesday (March 10)’s meeting.


Every year, the debate society wraps things up with a final night of debate and fun. This year funspeak will be held April 2 in the evening, so be sure to keep it open. Stay tuned for additional information!


-UADS executive elections are coming up on March 24.

-There are 5 positions in contention (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, External Director, and Internal Director).

-A description of the positions can be found here.

-If you are interested in running or have any questions, feel free to ask me or whoever is holding the position in which you are interested, or come out to our next exec meeting (March 8 at 5pm in SUB 6-14).

-To run in the election, all you need to do is ensure that you have UADS membership by March 24.

-All UADS members present on March 24 are entitled to vote.

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