Upcoming Tournaments

Diefenbaker Cup – October 15-17

Diefenbaker takes place in the heart of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Just a quick trip over the border, tournaments in Saskatchewan are always a lot of fun. If you are interested talk to Steph soon about registering. The deadline is fast approaching.

British Parliamentary Nationals – October 22-24

BP Nationals this year is in its infancy and will take place at the University of Toronto (Hart House.) For anyone with an interest in BP, this tournament is great chance to learn how to do it better and to meet a lot of interesting people from Central Canada. Again the clock is ticking on this one, so if you are interested talk to Steph right away.

U of C Fall Open(Pro-am) – October 29-31

Fall Open takes place at the University of Calgary and is great tournament to go to if this is your first time. Formatted as a pro-am, all teams will consist of a Pro (debater who has been debating for more than one year) and a novice (debater in their first year of University debate), or failing that two novices. This open and friendly tournament is great way to learn about what actually happens at external tournaments, develop your debating skills and meet lots of interesting people from all over Western Canada. This year Fall Open will be hosting a round French debate in place of one public speaking round. For more information visit this link. So if you are interested in debating at this tournament, but don’t have a partner, or even if you do have a partner, talk to Steph right away.

Happy debating!


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