UADS Takes Debate World by Storm

The UADS has accomplished an amazing feat, U of A debaters have won every CUSID West tournament this semester, not to mention advancing to out-rounds at every tournament they have attended.

As such many congratulations are in order, so in reverse chronological order:

The University of Alberta’s 68th Annual Hugill Cup (November 12-14)

With a four team contingent from Alaska and an Australian delegation, this year’s Hugill Cup was a prestigious international tournament. Held in British Parliamentary style, the style used at the World Debating Championships, the UADS was very well represented.

Steph Wanke and Alex Ragan won the tournament, making it the U of A’s second victory at Hugill in a row. The team of Sharon Ohayon and Mat Johnson and the team of Roman Kotovych and Julia Lisztwan advanced to the finals, while the team of Nick Tam and Jung-Suk Ryu advanced to the semi-final.

Alex Ragan was the top speaker, with Steph Wanke, Mat Johnson, and Roman Kotovych placing second through fourth, respectively.

As well, Sharon Ohayon won the public speaking competition.

The University of Calgary’s Fall Open (October 29-31)

The U of A sent a very large contingent of debaters to Calgary to compete at this year’s Pro-Am tournament. It was a great learning experience for everyone, and the U of A faired very well.

Roman Kotovych and his novice partner from SFU, Xenia Menzies, defeated the Calgary team in the final to win the tournament, making this the second year running where the U of A has won Fall Open. The team of Mat Johnson and Maria Chen advanced to the semi-finals, and the team of Julia Lisztwan and Alan Cliff advanced to the quarter finals.

Roman Kotovych was also the top speaker at this tournament, and Steph Wanke placed third.

Steph Wanke also finished third in the public speaking competition. Sharon Ohayon and Veronique Hill were both finalists.

Queens’ Chancellor’s Cup (October 29-31)

While most of the UADS was competing in Calgary, one of our members flew across the country to represent the U of A in Kingston. This prestigious tournament attracted 50 teams from across Canada as well as teams from the UK and Romania.

James Crossman, debating with Joanne Nairn from the University of Toronto, advanced to the quarter finals. James was also the 15th placed speaker in a field of 100 debaters.

The UADS also did very well at the BP Championships in Toronto and at the Diefenbaker Cup in Saskatoon. Results from these tournaments were posted earlier.

Congratulations to all the debaters and judges who represented the UADS, you all did an admirable job. Hopefully everyone will enjoy a safe and happy holiday season, and the U of A can maintain their winning streak next semester.

For more information about upcoming tournaments, please click here.

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