Another great showing by the UADS

This last weekend (February 18-20), at the beginning of Reading Week, the UADS sent several teams to the University of British Columbia for the annual Pacific Cup, one of the largest and most competitive events in western North America.

Congratulations are in order to several of our members for their achievements at the tournament:
The team of Steph Wanke and Kyle Kawanami went undefeated into the final round and placed 2nd overall.
Chris Jones debating with Spencer Keys (UBC), broke to semi-finals and placed 3rd.
Sharon Ohayon debating with Tim Louman-Gardiner (UBC), broke to quarterfinals and finished as the 6th-place team.

Steph Wanke was also the top speaker, in a field of over seventy debaters. Sharon Ohayon was also in the top ten.

Kyle Kawanami, Sharon Ohayon, and Nick Tam also advanced to the Public Speaking finals.

Maria Chen, debating with Nick Krause from UBC, were the top novice team, after winning the novice final.

Congratulations to everyone who attended.


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