A National Thanks

Planning began for Nationals over a year ago, when the UADS successfully won their bid to host the country’s most prestigious debate tournament. With over 100 debaters and 25 out of town judges, the 2005 National Debating Championships was a huge success, and the largest debate tournament in CUSID West to date.

None of this could have happened without the help of the over 40 volunteers.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank everyone that helped make Nationals such a memorable event. Thanks to Nick Tam and Maria Chen for volunteering and training hard to offer live music for our Saturday banquet. Shawna Pandya and Guillaume Laroche, our equity officers, thanks for not having anything to worry about. Thanks to Paul Myroon and Sean Lee, the best runners a person could ask for; they made it possible for Sharon to be in three places at once, and for people to be fed. As well a special thanks to all our local judges, both current and past members of the club (and all the people that they dragged in).

Nationals Organizing Committee
Sharon Ohayon, James Crossman, Arthur Tse, Nick Fowler, Anastasia Kulpa, and Julia Lisztwan


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