Hugill Results

The Hugill Tab is now available. Congratulations to the winning UBC team of Spencer Keys and Teddy Harrison. Spencer was also top speaker in the tournament. He also took home a toaster as “best speech in the Final Round” award. Brent Kettles of the University of Calgary took the public speech hardware, with a speech about Monica Ferris from the perspective of Omar Ayedi. The top novice team was Emma Ellsion and Kayla Dobko of UBC. Race Brunton of the University of Alaska was top novice speaker. Many thanks to participants, volunteers, judges, tabspeople, and especially Tournament Directors Nina Jaffer and Anastasia Kulpa, and Chief Adjudicator James Crossman.

Due to exams and assorted festiveness, there won’t be any debate meetings for the next month. Do take a moment to mentally cheer for our Worlds Teams, though, who will be competing in Dublin at the end of the month and into the new year. The first meeting of the winter semester will be on January 11th, at 5:00pm in Humanities Centre 2-11.

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