Who wants to go to Fall Open?

Fall Open is looming on the debating horizon. If you want to attend the tournament in Calgary at the end of the month, this is the last week to sign up. Registrations are due to Sharon by Friday.

Calgary Fall Open is the regions’ official “pro-am” debate. Like at Grant Davy’s, novices will be paired with other novices or with more experienced debaters. There will also be a number of training workshops covering a wide array of debate topics. Unlike Grant Davy’s, though, partners will stay together through the entire tournament, and will compete against teams from across Western Canada.

Fall Open is tons of fun, and comes highly recommended, especially if you’ve never been to a tournament before. If you are interested in attending, you must contact Sharon no later than October 20, 2006.

– Reg fee is $50/debater or $20/judge
– If you need or can provide either billeting space or transportation, let Sharon know. If you want to stay at the hotel, let Sharon know.
– Don’t have a partner? Want to go as a judge? Need more information? Email Sharon, and she’ll make everything all better.
– For more information go here.

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