Hugill Results

Much fun was had at Hugill Cup this weekend, even if Hugill’s proper title could not be determined (we’ve eliminated Lord and Lieutenant Governor).

Many thanks to the Tournament Director, Julia, and the Chief Adjudicator, Steph, who ran a great tournament, as well as Chris, Bren and Sean for their help running around, and Wallis with running registration, and everyone that judged, helped up with set-up, food, clean-up, driving, &c.

Congratulations to the finalist team of Nick Tam and Maria Chen, and to the semi-finalist teams of Sharon Ohayon and Alan Cliff, and Erin Reddekopp and Sean Lee. Sharon Ohayon was top speaker and Alan Cliff finished third. Congratulations as well to Nathan Pinkoski, Emily Cliff, and Sharon Ohayon on making the public speaking finals.

The tournament was won by Brent Kettles and Jack Maslen of the University of Calgary.


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