Pre-Worlds Results

The first ever University of Alberta Pre-Worlds Intervarsity was held with great success this week. In addition to hosting teams from as far abroad as Japan, Australia, and Latvia, the tournament included both a sleigh ride and an intercontinental snowball fight at Fort Edmonton Park. We’re pretty sure that North America won.

Particular thanks to Chris Jones, who both came up with the idea and sacrificed sleep and exam preparation to direct the tournament. Thanks as well to Steph Wanke, chief adjudicating the second tournament in as many months. We are also very grateful to everyone who helped with set-up, pasta-cooking, cookies, driving things around, clean-up, and of course all of the adjudicators and participants.

Tom and Jake of Monash University, Australia won the tournament. From the UofA, the team of Sharon Ohayon and Alan Cliff were in the finals, as was the intertemporal psuedo-hybrid Dan and Ian. Alan was also third place speaker.


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