Worlds Results

Despite a variety of transportation woes, the Alberta contingent has been returning in dribs and drabs from the World Universities Debating Championships in Vancouver.

While none of our teams made the break, our adjudicators experienced quite a lot of success at Worlds. Bren Campbell, Cat Popescu, and Phil Kehler were all selected by the adjudication team to chair panels, with a number of our other judges going on to judge bubbles and receive high praise. We also moved up in Colm Flynn‘s unofficial worlds institution rankings, to 20th place. On behalf of the rest of the worlds contingent, I’d like to thank Aaron, Anno, Dylan, Kiosh, and Noah for jumping across to Alberta E and F at the last minute, rather than adjudicating, which helped UBC round out its rooms.

The Team and Speaker tabs are available online. Notably, our CUSID-west comrades Alaska A advanced to Semi-Finals, and former CUSID President Jess Prince, now debating for Oxford, was top speaker on the tab.


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