Diefenbaker Results

Last weekend, the UADS sent a contingent of thirteen debaters and a judge to the University of Saskatchewan to compete at Diefenbaker. Congratulations to the entire contingent, you made the UADS proud.

Congratulations to Noah Dolgoy and Sharon Ohyaon, who won the tournament on an undefeated 8-0 record, to Dan Arnold and Nathan Pinkoski, who advanced to the semis, and to Sean Lee and Emily Cliff, who advanced to quarters. Nicole Ross advanced to judge the knockout rounds, and was selected to judge the grand final.

As well, congratulations to Noah Dolgoy, who was the top speaker at the tournament and the top novice, to Sharon Ohayon, who was 2nd placed speaker, and to Dylan Handy, who was the 4th placed speaker and 2nd placed novice.

Furthermore, four UADS debaters broke to public speaking finals: Dan Arnold (who finished second), Sharon Ohayon (who finished third), Nick Tam, and Noah Dolgoy.


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