Worlds 2008

The 2008 World Universities Debating Championships will be held January 27th through February 5th at Assumption University in Thailand. This tournament promises to be
highly competitive, tremendously exciting, and in a country with a nice climate and relatively few insurrectionists. We have decided to sponsor four teams and five judges. (the fourth team will only be registered if Assumption has room, something we’re reasonably confident will happen) Additional teams and judges may attend the tournament, but will not be eligible for the same funding. Registration is around $525 CAD, with round trip flights at about $1300, though we hope to recoup a reasonable fraction in fundraising for sponsored teams. More information about the tournament is available on their website.

If you would like to represent the University of Alberta at Worlds,
you must apply by June 15th.

If you do not have a partner lined up, or if you’re not sure whether you should go as a debater or an adjudicator, please let us know. In order to be eligible for funding, worlds people will be required to commit to helping out with the Society in a variety of ways and attending Worlds practice sessions. Please contact Sharon ( or Alan ( if you have any questions.


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