Alberta takes second in World Championships Public Speaking

Longtime UADS member (and current Vice-President External) Sharon Ohayon placed second in the final round of Public Speaking at the 2008 World Universities Debating Championships at Assumption University in Thailand. This marked Sharon’s second time in the Worlds public speaking final.

Our debaters and judges also did very well. Alberta A (Julia Lisztwan and Alan Cliff) finished six places off the break on 18 points, with Alberta B (Erin Reddekopp and Noah Dolgoy) finished on 16, with C (Nicholas Tam and Wallis Rudnick) ending on 15 and D (Sean Lee and Emily Cliff) taking 13 points. As a contingent, this marks a broad improvement from our performance at last year’s worlds (where our teams took 17, 13, 12, 12, 11, and 11 points). Complete results are available.

Next year’s World Championships will be held at University College Cork in Ireland. Team selection information will be available near the beginning of the summer.


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