UADS Enjoys a Successful Diefenbaker Cup

The eighteen UADS members who journeyed to Saskatoon last weekend (February 1-3) for the University of Saskatchewan’s Diefenbaker Cup enjoyed a well-run tournament. Temperatures, which were “subzero” in the same way that the ocean is “a little wet,” did not prevent a string of accomplishments.

Sean Lee and Rachelle Neame defeated Alan Cliff and Yaw Tuffour in the finals, while Guillaume Laroche and Ashvin Singh, and Nolan Sawatzky and Emily Cliff were semi-finalists. Alan was the top speaker of the tournament, Guillaume came in third place and Ashvin and Nolan were the first- and second-ranked novice speakers, respectively. Nicholas Tam won the public speaking competition and Nolan took the third; Nathan Pinkoski was also a finalist. As well, Sarah Davis and Mike Thorpe were chosen to chair adjudication panels in the out-rounds (that is, those rounds after the round-robin portion of the tournament).

Weekly meetings continue on Wednesday and Thursday this week as we prepare for a spate of upcoming tournaments (please see the preceding post, below, for more details about tournaments and meeting times and locations).


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