UADS runs a smooth Edmonton Open tournament

The University of Alberta’s Edmonton Open tournament enjoyed great success among its 36 participants as Tournament Directors Emily Cliff, Nathan Pinkoski and Sarah Davis kept things smooth, effective and communist. Equity officer Alan Cliff tried his best to keep things equilicious, but several reports of equirancidness came forth, along with a particularly awkward out-round incident of equivomit.

As usual, UADS debaters left an influential impression on the tabs, the eighteen debaters who participated all performing very well. Erin Reddekopp and Aneka Jiwaji and Nolan Sawatzky and Byron Tse were semi-finalists of the tournament. Meanwhile, Sharon Ohayon and Aaron Rankin, Nicholas Tam and Guillaume Laroche, Sean Lee and Mike Thorpe and Ashvin Singh and Julia Pon were all quarter-finalists. Sharon Ohayon, Nicholas Tam and Guillaume Laroche were the first, second and third speakers at the tournament, respectively, while Byron Tse was the top novice speaker (and the 4th speaker overall). Nolan Sawatsky, Sharon Ohayon and Keesa Elicksen all broke in public speech with Sharon tying for second in the finals. Adjudicating the out rounds, along with our Chief Adjudicator and UADS alumnus Kyle Kawanami, were Alan Cliff and Rachelle Neame.

After a relaxing reading week, weekly meetings will continue as we prepare for the McGoun Western Canadian Championship in Calgary and the 2008 Canadian National Championships at Dalhousie. As well, for those who love to speak out en français, le premier Championnat National de débat français dans l’Ouest aura lieu à UBC du 21 au 23 mars. Si vous désirez y participer, veuillez contacter Guillaume à aussitôt que possible.


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