University of Alberta Wins 2008 McGoun Western Canadian Championship

The University of Alberta Debate Society (UADS) dispatched a large contingent of debaters and adjudicators to the 2008 McGoun Western Canadian Championships last weekend and returned with the Western Canadian title.

In a closely-argued final round between two University of Alberta teams, the team of Noah Dolgoy and Sharon Ohayon, on Government, dispatched finalists Guillaume Laroche and Sean Lee to earn the mantle of ‘Best in the West’. The two sides clashed over the proposition that the Canadian state should permit duels-to-the-death between consenting and psychologically-fit adults. Asked to comment on his team’s win, Dolgoy observed that “a debate was probably the best way to settle the title—short of a duel-to-the-death, of course.”

The contingent was extremely successful overall, with an additional two of its teams and four of its adjudicators advancing to the knockout, “out-rounds” stage of the tournament. Nathan Pinkoski and Aaron Rankin were quarter-finalists, while Erin Redekopp and Nicholas Tam advanced to the semi-finals. Isaac Havard, Anno Laarman, Nicole Ross and Wei Qiang were selected by the tournament’s adjudication team—on which Alan Cliff served as Deputy-Chief Adjudicator—as judges for the final rounds.

As well, the top five speakers of the tournament were from the University of Alberta. They were, from fifth to first, as follows: Noah Dolgoy, Sharon Ohayon, Guillaume Laroche, Sean Lee and Nicholas Tam. Sharon Ohayon also took second place in the Public Speech competition; Noah Dolgoy was a finalist.

The Society took its accomplishments in stride. By Wednesday’s meeting, many of its members were busy with continued preparations for the upcoming 2008 National Championships, which are to be held at Dalhousie University in Halifax this 14th—16th of March. The UADS will be sending six teams and three adjudicators to the climactic tournament in Canadian Parliamentary-style debate.

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