Fall Open’s Successes

From October 17-19th, the UADS and 29 of its boldest members were in Calgary for the Fall Open Pro-Am Tournament, the first debate tournament of the year and organized in part by UofA’s DCAs Sarah Davis and Erin Reddekopp.

Our very own Ian Burch and Robert Lees-Miller won the tournament, taking the Finals with a case for Pigtail-Potatoe Casinos in P.E.I., to go alongside “Road to the Pot of Gold of Avonlea” and “Green Gable Palace”.

Noah Dolgoy & Kristen Pue and Ashvin Singh & Kathleen Lake were finalists.

In the judges’ pool, Savannah broke to the semi-finals, while Emily Cliff formed part of the judging panel for the finals.

In the realm of Public Speech, the UofA birthed Robert Lees-Miller, Nolan Sawatsky, Nathan Pinkoski and Noah Dolgoy, Noah taking a 3rd place.

A special thanks to all those who went out and formed our largest Fall Open contingent in this Executive’s memory, and to Michael Thorpe, who has blessed the club with his ability to drive buses.


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