Victory at Diefenbaker, or, "Lester Pearson’s Revenge"

Last weekend marked the Diefenbaker British Parliamentary Tournament in Saskatchewan, to which the UADS sent a proud contingent that honored expectations by advancing 6 teams through the break.

Emily Cliff and Ashvin Singh had the glory of victory, winning the Tournament Finals. In those Finals were 3 other teams from the UADS: Robert Lees-Miller and Jonathan Fairbridge, Noah Dolgoy and Ian Burch, and Nathan Pinkoski and Dylan Handy.
Rachelle Neame and Sean Lee and Kathleen Lake and Erin Reddekopp were semi-finalists.

Top Speaker was Emily Cliff, 2nd place was Sean Lee, and 3rd was Erin Reddekopp. Top novice speaker was Robert Lees-Miller.

2nd Place in Public Speaking was Jonathan Fairbridge, while Nathan Pinkoski reached the finals.
Nathan Pinkoski, self-styled Lawrence of Arabia, won the costume contest.


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