Winter Training Tournament Results

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Fourth-Annual Winter Training Tournament.

Ashvin Singh (Pro-status) and Darian Khan (Amateur-status) argued from the opposition side to defeat the government team of finalists Nathan Pinkoski (Pro) and Robert Lees-Miller (Amateur). Nathan and Robert squirrelled the resolution “THBT alcohol is the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” into the case that Mahatma Gandhi ought to have advocated active (armed revolt, people!), instead of passive, resistance against the British in 1941.

The adjudication panel consisted of Sharon Ohayon (Chair), Nicholas Tam, Angela Jansen (from the University of Saskatchewan), Mackenzie Reed, and Aaron Rankin.

Special thanks to Michael Thorpe and Aaron Rankin, esteemed Tournament Directors.


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