World Debate Championship Results

At long last, the delegates from the UADS’ contingent to Worlds 2009 in Cork, Ireland have returned, and with them, the results.
Our top team was Alberta C, composed of Nathan Pinkoski and Dylan Handy, who ended the tournament on 15 points, in the top one-third of the tournament. Nathan Pinkoski was the top speaker from the UADS.

Alberta B, composed of Emily Cliff and Ashvin Singh, finished with 12 points, as did Alberta A, with Sean Lee and Rachelle Neame.

Savannah Howse-Smith, Byron Tse and Erin Reddekopp were judges at Worlds in the name of the University of Alberta.

Canada as a whole performed creditably, breaking four teams (two from Hart House, one from Queen’s and one from Mcgill) to the octo-finals, while Hart House B reached the quarter-finals. The finals comprised Oxford C and A, Harvard A and Monash B, and on the resolution “THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy,” Oxford A took the victory from 1st Opp.

Here are the Resolutions that were debated at Cork Worlds 2009:
1. THW ban all forms of gambling
2. THW fire the senior management of all corporations which receive government bailouts
3. THW allow soldiers to sue their governments for negligence
4. THW force the religious desegragation of the Northern Irish Schools
5. THB that China and India should bear the same obligations as the West in fighting climate change
6. THW criminalize adultery
7. THB that Western States should recognize the independence of Abkhazia
8. THW apply a lower rate of income tax to women
9. THW ban the publication of political opinion polls

Octo-Finals: THW arm local militia to fight the Taliban
Quarter-Finals: THB that the ICC should prosecute crimes against the Democratic Process
Semi-Finals: THB government should subsidize private home ownership


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