Edmonton Open

Last weekend, a very regal Edmonton Open ran to great success with 22 teams debating, one of the larger tournaments Edmonton has hosted in some time. The UADS, having run the tournament, also achieved a fine list of accomplishments. Quarter-finalists were Mackenzie Reed & Byron Tse and Dylan Handy & Ian Burch. Erin Reddekopp & Nicholas Tam made it to the semi-finals, along with Ashvin Singh & Robert Lees-Miller. Tournament finalists were Kathleen Lake & Sean Lee. Chief-Adjudicator Sarah Davis chaired the adjudication panel along with a battalion of esteemed UADS alumni.

Sean Lee was Top Speaker, while Nicholas Tam was Third Place Speaker. In Public Speech, both Mackenzie Reed and Mary McPhail won first place with a fine dual performance, while Robert Lees-Miller and Julia Pon also represented the UADS in the Public Speech Finals.

The tournament itself was run by directors Nathan Pinkoski, Emma James and Emily Cliff to universal appraisal for hardware from the Monarchist League of Canada and a punctual tournament.


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