UADS wins Novice Finals at CUSID Nationals

Last weekend, the UADS sent a formidable contingent to the Canadian CUSID Nationals in
Saskatchewan. The winners of Nationals was Hart House’s Richard Lizius & Dash Veel, while
the finalists were Sophie MacIntyre & Jake Liang from Mcgill.

The UADS won the title of Novice Champions, with Robert Lees-Miller and Mary McPhail
debating to victory from the Opposition benches. Robert was second-place novice speaker,
as well.

Robert was in addition a public-speech finalist.

Beyond bearing the Chief Adjudicator James Crossman, a UADS alumnus, Alberta also broke
Sarah Davis, Brendan Campbell and Erin Reddekopp to the semi-finals.

Special thanks to all of those who debated and judged at the 2008-2009 year’s last


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