The last tournament of competition of the year for UADS, the Western Canadian Championships, has drawn to a close. It was a fun way to round off the season (other than Nationals of course) as USDS hosted yet another lovely tournament. We are proud to announce that Robert Lees-Miller and Kathleen Elhatton-Lake broke through into the semi-finals, with Robert taking 3rd place speaker overall.
Cassidy Villebrun-Baracas and Andrea Diamond placed as the top novice team of McGoun, with Cassidy tying for top novice speaker.

In judging, our very own Emily Cliff served as a Deputy Chief Adjudicator, and UADS alumna Erin Reddekopp served in the august role of Chief Adjudicator. Mary McPhail broke to the semi-finals, and UADS alumnus Roman Kotovych broke with Ms. Cliff all the way to the finals. Bernice Pui made it to the finals of public speech and took a second overall.

Congratulations to all for their achievements!


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