UADS hosts Canadian National Debating Championships

The UADS was the proud host of the 2010 National Debating Championships this weekend, uniting over 250 participants from over 20 universities across the country for a weekend of intensely competitive debate. McGill team Vinay K Mysore and Sophie MacIntyre were the victors of the Championships, beating the McGill finalist team of Saro Setrakian and Sean Stefanik (who proposed that a warrant be required for the police to search through your trash). Local members were not allowed to participate in the Championships, but UADS alumna Erin Reddekopp was the Deputy Chief Adjudicator of the tournament and club members Emily Cliff (who was the assistant CA), Ian Burch and Iain Ireland all broke as judges. As well, UADS alumni Alan Cliff, Roman Kotovych, Guillaume Laroche, James Crossman, Wallis Rudnick, Sean Lee, Nicholas Tam and Anno Laarman all broke to adjudicate the elimination rounds of the Championships.

In the CUSID national executive elections, Dalhousie University’s Auyon Siddiq was elected President for the 2010-11 school year, Nationals tabs director WuDi Wu became the new CUSID ED and UADS VP Finance Ashvin Singh was elected Treasurer.

Raving reviews were given of the organization of all aspects of the Championships. Special thanks to Ashvin, Emily, Sheida, Emma, Julia and Wei of the Nationals organizing committee, as well as all the alumni and volunteers who came out to assist with preparations and clean-up over the course of the weekend – the event would not have been such a tremendous success without you.

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