Start of a New Year!

Thank you all for coming out to our first general meeting. We hope you enjoyed the demo round and the pizza!

We are very pleased to announce that our weekly meetings have resumed.
Starting this week….

We will be have meetings every Wednesday and Thursday, at 5:00 PM in HC 2-7.
Our main meetings are on Wednesdays, and our Thursdays are for those that can’t come out to Wednesdays, or want some extra practice. 🙂

We do hope you come out!

The first meeting will comprise of a seminar and brief rundowns on how to debate, and the style that University uses and all of that. The next week’s meeting will then begin with practice debate rounds, so that you can get some first hand experience yourself!

Come out! Have fun, and oh yeah – don’t forget about the social at Dewey’s after our meeting on September 22nd. 🙂 It’ll be tons of fun, and an amazing way to meet new people!

Signing off,
VP Internal 2010-2011


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