Grant Davy’s Tournament

Hey everyone!

So, yesterday’s meeting was amazing! The interest that everybody showed was awesome, and we all loved the fact that you guys even wanted to do a practice round after the seminars. Keep it up!

On Saturday, we have a wonderful Tournament, called the Grant Davy’s Tournament, and we invite you all to come! It is our first training tournament in British Parliamentary Style. You’ll get lots of opportunities to work with pros and practice your newfound skills! So, please come out! Here are all the details:

Saturday, September 25th
Registration begins at 9:00-9:30 am in the Business Atrium.
Cost: $5 for members ($10 for non-members) – Yes, all your meals for the day are completely covered!

It will be an amazing experience, and tons of fun. So, come out, and join us. Hone your debating or judging skills, meet new people, and be fed all in one amazing day!

We hope to see you all there! And if you can’t make it, we hope to see you at our next general meeting after Grant Davy’s…on Wednesday again! Same place. Same Time. 🙂

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal 2010-2011


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