Debate Happenings!

First of all, let’s thank Ashvin Singh, and Andrea Diamond who were the Tournament Directors of the amazing Grant Davy’s Tournament that happened on Saturday!

We hope all of you had tons of fun at our tournament! 😀 Now, let me give a congratulations to all of the pros and novices that broke to finals.

The four pro-am pairings that were in the final were:
Sarah-Jane and John
Kathleen and Michael
Cassidy and Julia
Mary and Nisha

They all debated the wonderful resolution of “THW deny maternity leave to surrogate mothers.”

The victors of the final were Sarah-Jane and John. Congratulations!

Finally, thank you to everybody that came out, debated, judged, and helped out. It was an amazing tournament, that couldn’t have been run without all of you. ^-^

For anybody interested in the tabs, here they are!

Grant Davy’s Tournament Tab

Secondly, please let me remind you of the Elections that will be happening this Wednesday, on September 29 for the Novice Member-at Large, and Member-at-Large!

In case you’ve forgotten, The MAL assists our Vice-President (External) with the organization of external tournament delegations, while the NMAL assists our Vice-President (Internal) with the organization of internal affairs and communications. Both also play a key organizational role in our year-end party in April.

There is absolutely no experience required, and we urge anybody who is interested to run. 🙂

Please come out, either run, or vote and let your voice be heard! (Oh! And don’t forget – only those who have bought a membership are allowed to run or vote in the election *wink wink* So make sure you’ve bought your membership!)

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal 2010-2011

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