Diefenbaker Successes And Hugill Registration

This weekend was Diefenbaker Cup, which went amazingly well. Congratulations to our debate finalists, Sarah-Jane and Aidan Paul, and Iain Ireland and Zoe Francis. Navneet Khinda and Kathleen Elhatton-Lake, and Michael Nicol-Seto, and Michael Meiers were our semi-finalists. On the public speech end of things, Michael Nicol-Seto won first prize, with Iain Ireland and Nisha Patel being the runners up. Navneet Khinda also received Top Novice. Congratulations to you all! Thank you to everyone who came out.

For the Hugill Cup, Dec 3-5, there will be registration sign-up sheets on Wednesday at the meeting. If you can’t make it, then email Sheida to register at kayat [at] ualberta [dot] com.

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal

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