BP Champs Successes, Hugill, and Funding!

This weekend was BP Champs in HalifaxCongratulations to Ashvin Singh and Robert Lees-Miller for bubbling and to Kathleen Elhatton-Lake, and Kristen Pue, and Iain Ireland and Zoe Francis who all finished in the top half of the tournament. Hats off to Kathleen Elhatton-Lake who placed fifteenth place as a speaker, and Robert Lees-Miller who placed twentieth. We hope everyone had an amazing time down in Halifax.

And now for announcements regarding the wonderful Hugill tournament which will be happening December 3rd to 5th. Registration sheets will be passed out again this Wednesday for sign-up. In addition to debating and judging, we are also taking volunteers. If you cannot attend Wednesday’s meeting and would like to register, please email Sheida at kayat [at] ualberta [dot] com.

Attention all students that have a major from the Faculty of Arts! You are eligible to apply for funding from the Collective Body for the Arts (CBAS) and from the Faculty of Arts Learning Enrichment Fund for a maximum of $500 to cover conference and transportation costs.

The application for CBAS individual grants is online at http://www.thecbas.ca/ and will be due by November 29th, 2010 by email
or to the CBAS office in Humanities Centre 2-10. Requirements for Learning Enrichment Funding are online at
http://www.foa.ualberta.ca/Undergraduate_Programs/Learning_Enrichment/Learning%20Enrichment%20Funding.aspx and must be sent to Sheree Kwong See at kwongsee@ualberta.ca or dropped off to the Associate Dean’s office in 6-33 Humanities Centre. Please read these applications carefully for all the details.

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal

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