Hugill Cup Victories and Social on Wednesday!

Congratulations go out to Robert Lees-Miller and Ashvin Singh for making it all the way to the finals. Kristen Pue and Kathleen Elhatton-Lake, and Nathan Pinkoski and Bernice Pui were the semi-finalists of the tournament. Iain Ireland, with his hybrid partner from UVic, Garrett Richards placed ninth in the tournament. The top speaker award was given to Iain Ireland. Kristen Pue also placed third speaker. Zoe Francis also made the timekeepers break. Congratulations to you all! A special thank you goes out to Sheida Kayat and Rachelle Neame, who ran an amazing successful tournament. Thank you all for coming out to the wonderful last BP tournament of the semester. The University of Alberta Debate Society was well represented. We hope you had an incredible time, and we’re really glad you could make it out.

There will be a social at Boston Pizza on Wednesday! This week will be our last meeting of the semester. We will be meeting on Wednesday in our HC 2-7 room like always at 5:00 PM, and then heading straight to Boston Pizza for our social. We hope you all can make it out, even for just a bit in your busy schedules, to go out and have some fun. If you can’t make it out, then we wish you good luck on your finals, and we hope to see you again next semester for the beginning of our Canadian Parliamentary semester.

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal

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