Shumiatcher Cup Successes and McGoun Billets Needed

Hey everyone.

We hope your reading week went well and that you are all ready and geared up for school again. This weekend was the wonderful Shumiatcher Cup, which was very well-represented by the University of Alberta with all of our teams landing in the top third of the tournament. The Chief Adjudicator was our very own Kristen Pue.

Congratulations go out to Kathleen Elhatton-Lake, who was awarded top speaker, and her partner, Sarah-Jane for winning the tournament! Cassidy Villebrun-Buracas and his hybrid partner, Wudi Wu, made it all the way to finals. Iain Ireland and Michael Meiers were semi-finalists. Iain Ireland also placed third in speaker scores. The public speech break included Nisha Patel and Michael Nicol-Seto, with public speech being won by Sarah-Jane and Wudi Wu, Iain Ireland being runner-up, and Kathleen Elhatton-Lake taking third. Steve Cook and Kristen Pue also made the judges break. Congratulations to you all!

McGoun is coming up and we need billets for the weekend of March 4th to 6th. Given the popularity of McGoun, there are still lots of people to host, and we are asking you to please consider hosting a fellow debater or two over the course of the weekend of the tournament. You’re likely to make some new friends and can expect the favour to be returned in the future when you travel around for debate tournaments!

If you can billet at all, please email Nathan at npinkosk [at] ualberta [dot] ca, and let him know how many people you can have stay with you. Thank you!

Signing off,
Bernice Pui
VP Internal


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