Leaders’ Debate Live Chat with the Edmonton Journal

With the federal election coming up, there was the English-language leaders’ debate on Tuesday.

Three of our very own University of Alberta debate members, Robert Lees- Miller, Sheida Kayat, and Kristen Pue were an integral part of a live-chat Tuesday evening with the Edmonton Journal to comment on the leaders’ debate. They all shared their insights, commented throughout the leaders’ debate, and engaged with various members of the public about the performance of the party leaders of the debate. Both style and content were taken into account, in addition to the actual policies that were being discussed, resulting in an amazing, and intellectually-stimulating discussion over live-chat that anybody could either just watch or participate in.

To see Edmonton Journal’s article about their live-blog, please check out, http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/decision-canada/Ignatieff+draws+praise+while+Harper+criticized+lacklustre+debate+performance/4604828/story.html

For an archive of the debaters’ live chat, please check out http://www.edmontonjournal.com/decisioncanada.


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