Back for the Winter Semester

UADS is back for another term, starting this Wednesday. We have much planned, including elections, a new debate style, and a training tournament, so read on for all the details.


Meetings this semester will still be at the usual time (5pm), but they’ve moved up a floor: Wednesdays will be in HC 2-25, and Thursdays will be in HC 2-11.


On January 21st, we’ll be electing two club executives at our Annual General Meeting. The Novice Member at Large (NMAL) serves to aid the VP Internal and take minutes, while the Member at Large (MAL) aids the VP External – both are full voting members of the executive. Anyone with a membership in the club can vote, or run for a position yourself, and we’d encourage you to participate either way.

New Debate Format and Winter Training Tournament

This semester, we’ll be switching from British Parliamentary to Canadian Parliamentary style. At a glance, that means there are only two teams (not four), and that you can invent your own motions to debate. To get familiar with this format early, feel free to check out our resources page.

At the same time, our Winter Training Tournament (January 17) offers a chance to try it out firsthand. It’ll be in Business building at 9:30am, and you’ll be able to run your own motions (we’ll provide some if you would rather not) and learn more about CP. We highly encourage all of our newer members to attend, because this is a great way to get comfortable with the style in a supportive and training-focused place.


We’ve got a bunch of great tournaments worth going to this semester…

First, the Calgary Pro Am (January 23-25) offers novices and pros a chance to team up and get started with the CP style. It’s a great learning experience for both, and no pro-pro teams are allowed (though novices can go together), so this is an opportunity for our newer and older members to learn from each other and improve. Registration will be due on the 14th, and more details are coming soon.

If you’re interested in venturing out of the West, check out McGill’s excellent Winter Carnival Tournament (January 16-18) in Montreal. They’ll be doing debate and public speech in both English and French (don’t worry – they let you pick) in just a couple weeks, so register here.

And finally, there are plenty more tournaments coming up after that, so check out the Winter Tournament Schedule if you want to plan ahead. From UBC’s McGoun in March to our very own Edmonton Open in February, there are no shortage of opportunities to practice and compete.

That’s all for now – UADS wishes everybody a great start to the semester, and we’re looking forward to seeing familiar – and new – faces at debate.

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