Current Executive

2017 – 2018 UADS Executive


Iryna is a f14111859_1202799373105394_992620610_n.jpgourth year Cell Biology student still looking for a good science case to demolish everyone with scientific arguments. She owns an expansive tea collection and will pay money to pet your cat. Iryna comes to debate to get the latest current events and hang out with awesome people.


Iryna Stryapunina –


VP Executive



Juan is a third year political science student and third year debater. You can find them ardently cursing the bourgeoisie, singing/dancing salsa at any random given moment, geeking out/crying about Hamilton, or thinking about oxford commas. Talk to them about racial justice and gender justice, Lin-Manuel Miranda, or any upcoming tournaments.

Juan Felipe Vargas Alba –




VP Finance

Pia is a third year Criminology student. When she’s not angry at the patriarchy, she’s sad about the reality of poverty in our inner city. She spends the majority of her time researching, frowning, and purchasing dark lipsticks on the internet.
If you’re looking to pay for club funds, look for the very stoic looking disappointed silver haired short person with the cash box and you’ve successfully found Pia.


Pia Co –



VP External

16976785_1222201864501019_1061410276_n.jpgEmma is a second year Political Science student at the University of Alberta, with a minor in Drama. When she’s not doing debate, she’s probably reading, eating pasta, or working as the Assistant Director at SUNIA, a summer program designed to teach high school students about international affairs.



Emma Jones –


VP Internal


Cen is a third year sciences student who envisions a better future for UADS involving confetti canons. Her hobbies include shopping, eating and watching Asian dramas. She lives in Cameron so feel free to message her if you need someone to distract you from your studying. She is the person behind the UADS emails so talk to her if you need any updates .



Cen Yang –


VP Training



Alan is in his final year of Mathematics, and has been with UADS since his first year. He likes talking about anything from art to physics, and spends a lot of his time reading. Don’t hesitate to come up to him with a dank meme or a question about debate!


Alan Chan –



Member at Large

Drew Kantor –




Novice Member at Large



Sadhna is in her first year of Science who enjoys online shopping, finding aesthetic cafes, and writing poetry. If she isn’t doing school-related things, you can probably find her with her notebook and a book by Jodi Picoult. Sadhna loves meeting new people and hopes to have a LIT time with all the novs and pros this year!

Sadhna Mathrani –