Current Executive

2017 – 2018 UADS Executive


Brendan Olsen –


VP Executive

Karel Brandenbarg –

VP Finance

Sarthak Dhingra –


Sarthak is an absolute mongrel. He enjoys long walks on the beach, playing Fortnite with the boys, and listening to Enya on repeat. Currently a second-year computer science student, some interests include economics, mathematics, and philosophy. When not debating, Sarthak can be found running in the woods, attempting to finish a book he started 5 months ago, or power-napping.



VP External

Talia Dixon –


VP Internal

22657499_718058261716337_679985881_n.jpgSadhna Mathrani –

Sadhna is in her first year of business, and she enjoys online shopping, finding aesthetic cafes, and writing poetry. If she isn’t doing school-related things, you’ll find her yelling in Cameron Library or with her nose in a book. Feel free to message her if you want to discuss the flaws of the Youth Criminal Justice System. Sadhna loves meeting new people and hopes to have an amazing time with everyone this year!




VP Training

Shay Lewis –

 VP Bilingual 
Isabelle Bernard –
Bonjour! Je m’appelle Isabelle, and I will be your 2018-2019 VP Bilingual. A little about

29831383_1999228553683832_2028518239_ome – I’m in the second year of my Honors Immunology and Infection program, I’m a proud French-Korean-Canadian, and I have the cutest puppy waiting for me at home every day. Debate has always been a fun and inclusive environment to be in, and I am excited to combine my enthusiasm for bilingualism and debate as your VP Bilingual this year. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!




Member at Large (MAL)

Novice Member at Large

High School Outreach 

Kelsey Fortier –


Kelsey is a third-year political science student and has been debating for way too long. When she is not arguing about something she can be found hanging with cats, reading, or complaining about capitalism.




Bilingual High School Outreach

Chris Beasley