Past Debate Motions

Wondering what it is exactly we debate about?

Our past motions for the year can be accessed here:

Also look here for links to repositories of motions:

Here are some examples of motions that have been debated before!

THBT hacking is a legitimate form of protest against large corporations
THW not allow self-representation in Canadian courts
THB juries should be able to disclose their discussion
THW assassinate nuclear scientists
THW ban televised advertisements aimed at children
THW grant final medical decisions to doctors
THW allow soldiers to sue the military for negligence in court
THBT, in principle, Western countries should nationalize pharmaceutical companies
THW ban corporal punishment of children by their parents
THS a no-zero policy
THW deny scarce medical resources to terminally ill patients
THW allow police to use entrapment
THW stop funding post-secondary education and give everyone a lump sum at 18 to do what they wish
THBT public sector employees should be prevented from forming unions
TH prefers Beijing (authoritarian) to New Delhi (Democratic) as a model of government for developing countries
THB the notwithstanding clause is good for Canada
THB the European Central Bank should unconditionally buy government debt from struggling EU countries
THW abandon the war on drugs
THBT, after humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses, the occupation forces should leave if the population says so
THW not negotiate with terrorists over hostages
THW bar religious leaders from advocating for political causes
THS mandatory military services
THS mandatory vaccinations
THW refuse organs to those who wouldn’t donate themselves
THW abolish patents on unmodified genetic material
THW bring back flogging
THW invade North Korea
THS capital punishment
THB the courts should not enforce wills which discriminate on the basis of race.
THS the use of banishment in criminal sentencing
THW abolish trial by jury
THB economic sanctions are not an effective diplomatic tool
THW not grant student loans to those in the fine arts
THW ban gay conversion therapy
THW mandate Canada take all refugees
THW use the Mexican army to counter the Mexican drug cartels
THW dramatically increase the top marginal tax rates
THW create community-based safe haven residential facilities
THB organized religion has outlived its usefulness
THW not grant custody rights to parents under the age of 18
THS the creation of a Palestinian state
THW alleviate sentences for Aboriginals
THW allow multinationals to bribe government officials
THW implement mandatory vaccinations
THW make mental-enhancement drugs available for consumers
THW make voting mandatory
THW ban advertisements directed at children
THW add an override clause to the American constitution
THS a financial support tax
THW endorse parents rights to opt out of classes on behalf of their children
THW have elites propagate myths to foster a sense of morality in society
THW deny children access to public education if they are not vaccinated