Debate Resources

This section provides a brief overview of the wide world of resources out there to help you improve as a debater.  Most of resources can be found at this Google Drive folder here:

Included in the Google Drive folder are guides, seminar slides, readings, and more!

Seminar Videos

UADS YouTube Channel – Our Official YouTube Channel has all of our seminar videos from the current year, and will also include useful videos and rounds of tournaments throughout the year!

Monash Debate Union

Melbourne Debate Union


News/Opinion Publications

The Economist – Has tons of articles that are extremely useful for catching up and learning about what’s going on in the world so that an international resolution won’t catch you off guard. Full online access available free through the U of A library database.

STRATFOR– Has lots of articles on the international and geopolitical disputes around the world. Also an amazing site so that an international resolution won’t catch you off guard.

Council on Foreign Relations – Contains articles for the purpose of helping those interested better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries.

Mosaic News – Contains world news from the Middle East, both articles and videos.

Wall Street Journal – Right-wing US publication. Useful perspective if you ever find yourself needing to praise free markets or small government in a debate round,

New York Times – The Anti-WSJ. Thoroughly Left-wing, and a very interesting perspective (particularly Paul Krugman’s blog)

Washington Post – Right or left wing depending on who you ask. Some columinsts are throughly partisan, but a good read nonetheless.

Foreign Policy – Best IR magazine out there. Stephen Walt offers a (usually) great perspective.

Foreign Affairs – Maybe I lied … It’s a dead heat between FA and FP for best IR publication.

National Post – Right-wing Canadian perspective (but not afraid to criticize the current government). Andrew Coyne is a standout columnist.

The Globe and Mail – Center-left Canadian publication.

Jacobin – Radical-Left perspective on US society, culture, and economics